Speech at SG Climate Rally’s May Day 2021 Conversation, 1 May 2021, 3pm

Source: SG Climate Rally

Hello everyone, happy May Day!

I am Anthea, pronouns she/her. I’m wearing a black hat with a grey jumpsuit. I am Zooming from my living room, behind me to my right is a print version of Klimt’s famous painting called Water Serpents II — to my left is a row of windows that look out to the sea.

We are here today to honour our workers on this Labour Day because without labour, nothing prospers. We are also here to hold members of our working class front…

This commentary was published in Mothership.sg on 23 March 2021 titled “Why do some S’pore families choose to ‘struggle’ rather than get help from social services?”. Here’s the edited and published article https://mothership.sg/2021/03/mind-the-gap-commentary-anthea-ong/


Below is the original draft:

“I don’t know how long it’ll take for me to recover,” said Nancy*, a 22 year old Singaporean.

Like many young, self-employed single mothers, 2020 was tough for her. While she is scraping by with some help, jobs have dried up and her application for the Self-Employed Person Income Relief Scheme (SIRS) application was unsuccessful. …

A commentary published in the Institute of Policy Studies Commons. Here’s the edited and published article https://ipscommons.sg/minority-health-isnt-a-minority-issue-but-an-issue-of-public-health-equity/


Below is the original draft:

The launch of a workgroup to improve the health of ethnic minorities was announced by the Ministry of Health in Parliament last week. We are pleased that steps are being taken towards addressing issues of health equity in Singapore, as it acknowledges, and brings to light key disparities in physical health across different segments of our society. …

Keynote Speech, 16 March 2021, Organised by Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

Anthea Ong was a Nominated Member of Parliament for the 13th Parliament of Singapore. …

A song written in 2015 inspired by the intensity of the love and pain between a mother and daughter, both whom are so precious to me.

This is the raw recording: https://soundcloud.com/nthea/i-can-never-unlove-you

In the stillness of the dawn

With the hurt that I hold on

“I can never unlove you (I heard)

Whether right or wrong you do”

These words come crystal clear

Through the wind in whispers

Does pain come from holding on

How can we set Love free?

(no plucking)

Sorry…. doesn’t come easy

But love does…make it worth it

We can…. never…..unlove… us

Cos we are One

Now and ever

(Switch to kiirtan, mantra of love)

BABA NAM KEVALAM (Love is all there is)

A song of longing written in 2015


This is the raw recording: https://soundcloud.com/nthea/sorry-i-am-late/s-kM8mt

We are two parts of a star

Loving apart from the start

Each night we talk through the moon

Singing life separately to our tune

I am sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back

On the path back to You

Yet I am happy to be collecting all these memories

For our long walks with the stars

When our souls come together

And our bodies become one

This passing pause could no longer

Hold eternity from Us

I am here to

Walk back home

To the star, where You are

What we are.

(Switch to kiirtan, mantra of love)

BABA NAM KEVALAM (Love is all there is)

A song of sadness and healing written in 2015, following the Paris attacks


Inspired by the deep sadness felt for the victims and perpetrators of the Paris Attacks in Nov 2015.

This is the raw recording: https://soundcloud.com/nthea/love-more/s-hRLsc

Here we are, no more tears

All that’s gone, left us in fear

What has gone, for which we long…… for?

How did it get so wrong and left us with no songs?

An eye for an eye leaves us blind

Can’t we tell we’re of the same kind?

There’s no other way to make this right

But to love more and stop…

A song of becoming written in 2016.


Inspired by the memoir chapter, ‘Lost. And Found.’, written as part of the My Life. My Story Memoir Writing Workshop of a colossal collapse of life as I knew it nearly 10 years ago. The chapter was part of an anthology published by National Library Board of Singapore.

This is the raw recording: https://soundcloud.com/nthea/20-august-2016-9-37-29-pm/s-pY7wO

Once I was broken to the core

With a million cracks of sore

Yet that was when all the light

Shone through me, bright like the sun

Broken-ness gives possibilities, for new beginnings

To rise above life’s tragedy, to…

A song of self-love written in 2017.

At The Bliss Loft aka my humble abode during rehearsal for Open Homes

A poem I wrote for the Open Homes 2017 Performance (Singapore International Festival of Arts), inspired by a lifetime of insecurity from a birth defect with my eyes (divergent strabismus) — corrected at 30.

This is the raw recording: https://soundcloud.com/nthea/20170912-055958a

I’m…I’m no longer

I’m…I’m no longer

That little girl

with eyes..eyes…eyes that stare

Yet they weren’t there

I’m…I’m no longer

I’m…I’m no longer

That young lass

with a mind..mind..mind so bold

Yet a gaze from her soul

I’m…I’m no longer

I’m…I’m no longer

That woman

with achievements…. so clear

Yet peered with fear

Now, now….I see love

Now, now….I see me

Now, now….I see love

Now, now….I see me

I am Here. I am Free.

I am Here. I am Free.

(Switch over to kiirtan, mantra of love)

Baba Nam Kevalam (Love is All There Is).

Anthea Indira Ong

A full-time human, and part-time everything else.

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