Published OpEds and Articles by Anthea Ong

Anthea Indira Ong
3 min readApr 13, 2024

I write to contribute to social change, but I am also changed when I write. — Anthea Ong

A living list of commentaries published in different media platforms across a diversity of topics, with a particular focus on mental health.

  1. When someone has a mental heath crisis, arrest is not the answer (Straits Times, Mar 2024)
  2. How do we know Singapore’s mental health and well-being strategy is working? (CNA, Feb 2024)
  3. The rise of chief well-being officers: Fad or the future? (Straits Times, Oct 2023)
  4. Mental health is a sustainable growth strategy for Singapore Inc​ (Business Times, Oct 2023)
  5. Mental health education — what more can we do for our children? (CNA, Jul 2023)
  6. Mental healthcare should be for all, not just those who can afford to skip the wait (CNA, Feb 2023)
  7. Do we need Nominated Members of Parliament when there are more opposition MPs than ever? (CNA, Nov 2022)
  8. Why more needs to be done to help LGBTQ+ youth (Straits Times, Aug 2022)
  9. How many of those with mental health conditions were caregivers themselves? (CNA, Aug 2022)
  10. Bosses burn out too; leaders need to be well to lead well (Business Times, Apr 2022)
  11. Mental health in an unequal world — let’s ask what happened, not what’s wrong (TODAY, Oct 2021)
  12. Going beyond a task force to build a Mentally Healthy Nation (Institute of Policy Studies, Aug 2021)
  13. Concerns over giving people ideas undermine needed conversations on suicide (CNA, Aug 2021)
  14. Worries over COVID-19 situation are taking a mental toll on Singapore (CNA, May 2021)
  15. Why do some S’pore families choose to ‘struggle’ rather than get help from social services? (Mothership, May 2021)
  16. Leadership in the new normal must ensure employee well-being (Straits Times, Dec 2020)
  17. Making mental healthcare more affordable for Singaporeans (TODAY, Oct 2020)
  18. What good is doing push-ups for mental health? (CNA, Oct 2020)
  19. New Possibilities for Wellbeing at Work (Business Times, Oct 2020)
  20. We declare a goal of ending mental health stigma yet viciously mock the woman at Shunfu Market (CNA, May 2020)
  21. COVID-19 has revealed a new disadvantaged group among us — digital outcasts (CNA, May 2020)
  22. Working together towards a zero-suicide Singapore (CNA, Apr 2020)
  23. Responding to the Covid-19 crisis as one Singapore community (TODAY, Apr 2020)
  24. Yearning for dignity from people with mental health conditions in Singapore (Yahoo News, Apr 2020)
  25. Will you hire and retain persons with mental health conditions? (CNA, Mar 2020)
  26. Suicides can be prevented — we all need to work together (Straits Times, Jan 2020)
  27. Mental Health Matters at Work (Business Times, Oct 2019)
  28. Let’s redefine multiculturalism for a truly inclusive Singapore (Straits Times, Oct 2019)
  29. Making CareShield Life and long-term disability care more inclusive (TODAY, Sep 2019)
  30. Let’s talk about men in mental health (Straits Times, Aug 2019)
  31. Make mental health education mandatory in Singapore schools (TODAY, Jul 2019)
  32. Time to commit to national target on inclusive employment (Straits Times, Jul 2019)
  33. Greater whole-of-society push needed to tackle homelessness (TODAY, Jun 2019)
  34. How To Make Mental Health A National Priority (TODAY, Mar 2019)
  35. Mental Health Must Be A National Priority (The New Paper, Mar 2019)
  36. A Good Space Helps You Help Others (Business Times, Oct 2018)

Anthea Ong is a former Nominated Member of Parliament, a social entrepreneur (WorkWell Leaders, Hush TeaBar, SG Mental Health Matters, A Good Space, Welcome in My Backyard, Project Yoga-on-Wheels, Playground of Joy), author (50 Shades of Love, The NMP Scheme: Are Unelected Voices Still Necessary in Parliament) and Professional Certified Coach/Life and Leadership Coach.