Song: The Lily and the Moon (It. Just. Is.)

A song of acceptance written in 2014.

(Lyrics and tune/chords by Anthea Indira Ong)

Here’s the raw recording:

I want to be with You

Like the lily and the moon

I come from the space between

But here now, in whole with You

Like the blue of the sea

Like the green of the trees

Like the gold of the sun

Like the white of the clouds

It. Just. Is.

I come from the stars above

Making my way back home

I am a child of light

Shining love to serve this life

Like the songs of the birds

With the rise of the sun

Like the peace of the night

In the bliss of Your light

It. Just. Is.

(Repeat) BABA NAM KEVALAM (Love is all there is)