A song of becoming written in 2016.


Inspired by the memoir chapter, ‘Lost. And Found.’, written as part of the My Life. My Story Memoir Writing Workshop of a colossal collapse of life as I knew it nearly 10 years ago. The chapter was part of an anthology published by National Library Board of Singapore.

This is the raw recording: https://soundcloud.com/nthea/20-august-2016-9-37-29-pm/s-pY7wO

Once I was broken to the core

With a million cracks of sore

Yet that was when all the light

Shone through me, bright like the sun

Broken-ness gives possibilities, for new beginnings

To rise above life’s tragedy, to write my destiny

When I have nothing more to lose, I was given

Everything that I am meant to be this moment

Everything I know, I know because I love

Everything I am, I am because I am loved…..

…..I found me in Love.

(Switch to kiirtan, mantra of love)

BABA NAM KEVALAM (Love is all there is)

A full-time human, and part-time everything else.