NDP ticket allocation for migrant workers

Parliamentary question, 6 Jan 2020


Through Ms Yip Pin Xiu, we asked the Minister for Defence with regard to the National Day Parade (a) whether a meaningful number of tickets can be allocated to migrant workers given their contributions to the prosperity of our country; (b) if so, whether the Ministry will consider the number of years of service in Singapore as criteria for the allotment of these tickets; and © whether the Ministry plans to allocate a certain number of tickets for new citizens for the purpose of integration.

Dr Ng Eng Hen: As demand for tickets to the National Day Parade (NDP) are much higher than capacity, the priority of allocation will continue to be for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, as the NDP is a key national event to celebrate our nation’s independence together. Some previews are also reserved for school children as part of their national education.

Over the years, the NDP organising team has been expanding the overall capacity to respond to the high demand. Since 2016, a second Preview was added. Last year, the mobile column was extended into the heartlands. NDP celebrations have also been organised around the venues at the Padang or Floating Platform. These fringe and satellite activities allow tens of thousands more, including our migrant workers, to join the celebrations.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anthea Ong is a Nominated Member of Parliament. (A Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) is a Member of the Parliament of Singapore who is appointed by the President. They are not affiliated to any political party and do not represent any constituency. There are currently nine NMPs in Parliament.)

The multi-sector perspective that comes from her ground immersion of 12 years in different capacities helps her translate single-sector issues and ideas across boundaries without alienating any particular community/group. As an entrepreneur and with many years in business leadership, it is innate in her to discuss social issues with the intent of finding solutions, or at least of exploring possibilities. She champions mental health, diversity and inclusion — and climate change in Parliament.

She is also an impact entrepreneur/investor and a passionate mental health advocate, especially in workplace wellbeing. She started WorkWell Leaders Workgroup in May 2018 to bring together top leaders (CXOs, Heads of HR/CSR/D&I) of top employers in Singapore (both public and private) to share, discuss and co-create inclusive practices to promote workplace wellbeing. Anthea is also the founder of Hush TeaBar, Singapore’s 1st silent teabar and a social movement that aims to bring silence, self care and social inclusion into every workplace, every community — with a cup of tea. The Hush Experience is completely led by lovingly-trained Deaf facilitators, supported by a team of Persons with Mental Health Issues (PMHIs).

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A full-time human, and part-time everything else.

A full-time human, and part-time everything else.