I ‘Paused’ Parliament at Maiden Speech: Workplace and Employee Wellbeing

Anthea Ong was recently appointed a Nominated Member of Singapore at the Parliament of Singapore. She is deeply grateful for this privilege and responsibility and is committed to champion, on this platform, for mental health, inclusion and diversity and volunteerism, amongs the other many communites that she has been welcomed into in the last 12 years — including the Deaf, the elderly, single parents, foreign/migrant workers, abused women, persons with and in recovery from mental health issues etc. This is her maiden speech which she is so fortunate to have her amazing legislative angele #EdenTeoh to work with. Her proudest moment yet — to invite the highest office of the land to take 3 deep breaths and a mental pause with her, super yay! She cannot be more grateful for this.



A full-time human, and part-time everything else.

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