A Curious Case of Life: Paving the Beginner’s Path

  1. What is the real history of the world?
  2. How do we explain altruism andselfless acts of heroism vis-à-vis the fundamental concept of the Darwinism theory of competitive survival?
  3. What made us miss the grand opportunity to rebalance the world with the last Global Financial Crisis?
  4. Why did I choose my parents as myparents, and why did they choose me as their daughter?
  5. How do we assess when an assessment is valuable or an impediment for personal growth?
  6. Why do I feel so strongly that I havecome from a star?
  7. Is it strange not to fear death but yet be disturbed by the pain from jammed nerves on the jaw?
  8. Is it true that the caterpillar feels no pain in its metamorphosis to a butterfly?
  9. Why is the ego so resilient?
  10. Is it possible that all this as we see life and reality is really a play designed by the Creator for His/Her simple entertainment?
  11. Was there a specific pattern to the way the raindrops fell on different parts of my body as I ran through the slivers of rain this morning on the beach?
  12. How did I go from, first, wanting to avert the rain to then feeling like I was born to run in these showers of blessing, this morning?
  13. Where did the tune that I just composed for ‘Living the Mystery’ come from? How did they form with my voice box and my fingers on Saffy’s strings?
  14. Why do I sometimes get a passing whiff of sandalwood (or lavender) when I thought I was deep in meditation?
  15. Do we work because we want to consume or do we consume so that we can work?
  16. Should life be fair?
  17. How did we allow the world to be controlled so formidably by the 1%?
  18. Why do people assume that I have a lot of money just because I could quit a well-paying job with a big title — at my will?
  19. Could it be that I am seduced by possibilities because I am addicted to novelty? Or could it be that I just show up when life happens?
  20. Do we need to be on the mastery path for every aspect of our lives?
  21. Will we ever run out of love?
  22. Why am I so fortunate?
  23. At which point do I shift from giving up to persevering on? In a run? In a task?
  24. When was I allowed to tap into this Infinite Source of energy and wisdom? When did the Divine Tap get turned on?
  25. How did the people I met on my run trail today decide to return my “Good Morning” or look away? What makes them look away?
  26. Why don’t I say ‘Good Morning’ to every person I meet every morning?
  27. Why did I choose me to love?
  28. How can we rebalance the world with more feminine values?
  29. Why I am the least patient with my family?
  30. Is my potential really limitless? How is it my physical capacity isn’t?
  31. Why do we find it so hard to give up bad habits?
  32. If everything happens for a reason, why is it still hard for me to accept the killings of children?
  33. Why do I remember William Wordsworth’s The Solitary Reaper and not any of the other poems in the Choice of Poets?
  34. If I am indeed a fallen star, where are the other fellow fallen stars? How do I find them?
  35. Where is the place that I coach from?
  36. Why does my heart skip a beat in delight every time I experience the divine conspiracy of synchronicity?
  37. Am I doing too much? Can I do too much if I am experiencing so much joy?
  38. What makes the lily sing to the moon?
  39. Which comes first — life or love?
  40. What makes a person or persons so enraged as to behead another person who has done him/them no wrong?
  41. How far are we from reaching to the core of the sickness of our world today?
  42. Who do I want to become?
  43. Who have I truly loved?
  44. Why is the night sky of nothingness so inviting?
  45. At which point did I know that I will always have enough because I am constantly expanding?
  46. When did i know I am beautiful to me? How did I get here?
  47. What emotion(s) will bring me closer to the next?
  48. What sweet melancholy of the past still lingers?
  49. Why shouldn’t ever workplace have a Hush teabar? Why shouldn’t every school have a Playground of Joy?
  50. Why am I overflowing with tenderness?
  51. …….
  52. …….
  53. …….
  54. …….
  55. …….



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Anthea Indira Ong

Anthea Indira Ong

A full-time human, and part-time everything else.