Half a century I’ve walked this earth

Earth, a sanctuary we’ve been gifted

Gifted I was a many firsts this year

Year of stepping onto the last frontier

Frontier of peace, of the history of time

Time stood still for me at Antarctica

Antarctica, did not wow me — she stirred

Stirred, and shaken by her pristine beauty

Beauty that is threatened by our kind

Kind, we must to the wild and wise

Wise, I have become through my intrepid travels

Travels that take me deeper as I venture farther

Farther I can and must serve made me say yes

Yes, to what I never dreamt I will be — an NMP

NMP for the voiceless, I commit to that voice

Voice for mental health, for inclusion and diversity

Diversity, is what makes us one and human

Human always, before statistics and resources

Resources given to me are for me to give away

Away to the many who are different but not less

Less is no longer what I am, a heart so full

Full of gratitude for 50 years of plenty

Plenty to celebrate a rich life of love

Love that comes in different shapes and shades

Shades, that means non-binary and also comfort

Comfort that many found when ST ran my story

Story that, though my own, does not belong to me

Me, is part of a larger purpose to live and inspire

Inspire love for humanity, and a love for trees

Trees I hug and now I want to tell their stories

Stories intertwined with mine, with questions

Questions of life, and becoming, for a book

Book of an ordinary life with extraordinary turns

Turns me into an author with 50 Shades of Love

Love is what I am, and what I become more of

Of joy and meaning I wish for you and me in 2019

2019 promises more of me, for more of the world

World of opportunities I will show up for, with love

Love, one great enough, to conquer all.


A full-time human, and part-time everything else.

A full-time human, and part-time everything else.